Elendira The Crimsonnail

The thirteenth GungHo Gun and the most powerful also referred to as quotlostquot number 13. She shoots giant red nails from a large briefcase that transforms into a crossbow. Like Vash Elendira often acts childish and flippant as well as flamboyant and sometimes extremely arrogant. She is a transsexual some say shes actually a transvestite but her body weight distribution and apparent slight breast development seems indicative of at least some estrogen treatment and normally wears feminine clothing and a pillbox hat similar in style to fashions internationally popularized by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. However underneath her outer garments she also wears restraining armour and after disabling it she is able to move at an even more inhuman speed than she is usually capable of. She seems to dislike Legato and fires a nail into Legatos torso in a conversation with him after arriving on a Zeppelin. It is also hinted that she holds some jealousy of Legato commenting that Legatos lack of a number in the GungHo Guns implies that Legato is on a whole other level from the GungHo Guns including Elendira herself. The only manga GungHo Gun who does not carry one of the broken coins Elendira did not appear at all in the anime. ::wikipedia::