Baguma is the first of three Galaxy Police operatives dispatched by Mashisu Makibi during a lsquorescue missionrsquo led by Misao Kuramitsu the objective: killing Tenchi Masaki who he believed was abusing his sister Mihoshi. Although obviously physically strong Baguma is also a Bclass telepath with the ability of teleportation and was sent after Washu Hakubi. However Baguma was unprepared for what he encountered on Earth. With Noike Kamiki Jurai and Lady Seto Kamiki Jurai as witnesses Washu was able to defeat Bagumarsquos telepathic skills with relative ease much to his embarrassment. And when the contest went into physical combat Washu with the help of a big mallet easily defeated Baguma further adding to his humiliation. He was taken prisoner along with Fujimasa Sorunaru and later Mashisu who was captured by Washu Ayeka and RyoOhki and Sasami. The four were later treated to a party hosted by Lady Seto onboard Tsunami. Ryoko was not present though... she was battling Misao on the Choubimaru... and winning