Fujimasa is one of three Galaxy Police agents that were recruited by Mashisu Makibi during a mission undertaken by Misao Kuramitsu. The objective: rescue Misaos sister Mihoshi and kill Tenchi Masaki. Fujimasa has the mastery of battle mechinoids resembling huge wolves. However when he found himself on Earth he had the misfortune of confronting Ayeka Misaki Jurai as well as RyoOhki. Ayeka was able to subdue Fujimasa while RyoOhki had dealt with the mechinoids so much that the machines became frightened by the little cabbit. Afterward Fujimasa along with Mashisu Baguma and Sorunaru attended a party onboard Tsunami hosted by Lady Seto Kamiki Jurai along with the rest of the Masaki clan with the clear exception of Ryoko Hakubi who was roundly beating the Choubimaru.