ジャマナナ, 8th Nana,Black Nana
The evil version of Nana that first appears in the new year planning on interfering with Nana039s plans. Unlike other clones Hitomi cannot differentiate her from the others. While she like the other Nanas wants Nana to succeed the Eighth Nana is not beyond using less moral methods and sabotage to ensure Nana039s success and believes that the only person Nana needs is her. She has proven to be more powerful than the other six Nanas combined. Jamanana has hypnosis ability even without carrying the crystal. It appears that she came into being because of Nana039s negative feelings and doubts. The black crystal that symbolizes her emerged when 7 Nana were depressed over Yuichi039s interest with Tsukie and the crystal in microwave oven was cracking. In Nanaranger form Jamanana has white hair and wears a jagged red scarf sharp ears and inward curving horns on the helmet and does not need separate costume to transform.