Eibon, Grimore
Noah is working with Arachne wearing a plaid hat with a few metal earrings on it and having tattoos on his arms that are really shadows. He and Mosquito are not on good terms with Mosquito revealing to have always been extremely distrustful of him. So far his main form of attack would be summoning a shadowy wormlike creature from his book the Book of Eibon. It is revealed hes a mysterious individual who has taken up Eibons title because of the brand recognition it offers. His goal is to use the Book of Eibon to absorb and collect everything which he feels in essence would make him everything. However it was later reavealed that Noah is an artifical Being created by the Book of Eibons Index to carry out its tasks and after The Noah of Greed died he was replaced by A new Noah this time representing Wrath.wikipedia This is not the same Eibon that appeared in the anime. So far this character has only appeared in the manga and a game entitled Soul Eater: Monotone Princess.