Yousuke Hanamura

花村陽介, Hana-chan
Birthday:Jun 22
Blood Type:A
Height: 175 cm 58 Initial Persona: Jiraiya Ultimate Persona: Susanoo Weapons: Knives Kunai Boy with slightly unkempt reddishbrown hair who usually walks around with a music player and red/orange headphones around his neck. He dual wields blades ranging from knives to daggers in battle. He is usually very clumsy and often used as comic relief through physical comedy. When going from place to place he is usually on his bike. Yousuke is the most vocal of the investigation team and is the one often to create theories on the murders as well as piece evidence together. Although it often falls on the player to decipher the clues Yousuke ponders his deductive skills allow him to create solid theories and he is the selfappointed second in command often saying what the player is unable to. His Persona is Jiraiya of The Magician Arcana whose head vaguely resembles that of a cartoon frog and wears a white disco suit with a distinctive V on its chest along with a red scarf. Jiraiya uses wind spells and is also able to use minor healing spells. Once his Social Link The Magician Arcana is maxed out Jiraiya will evolve into Susanoo. Yousukes Shadow takes the form of a cartoon frog with a body on top the body and frog resemble his Persona. It represents his resentment of living in a small country town with little to do as well as his inner wish for something exciting to happen. The Protagonist helps Yousuke face his issues regarding his sadness over his unrequited feelings for Saki Konishi the second victim of the murders in the course of the Magician S.Link. Also in one of the Social Links Yousuke told the Protagonist that he was fighting Shadows for no reason. He just feel that it is the right thing to do. He doesnt even know what he is fighting for similar to Junpei Iori on Persona 3.