Yuu Narukami

鳴上悠, Souji Seta (瀬多総司), Yuuko, Hayato Asakawa (あさかわ はやと )
Blood Type:O
Height: 180 cm 511 Initial Persona: Izanagi Ultimate Persona: IzanaginoOkami Weapons: TwoHanded Sword The Protagonist is named by the player in the video game but is given the name Souji Seta in the manga adaptation and Yuu Narukami in the anime. He has silver hair with a shape close to a bowl cut. He is depicted as being a distant but otherwise friendly a loner with a pessimistic outlook on life due to having to move frequently as a result of his parents changing careers. At the beginning of the game he moves to the countryside to live with his uncle and cousin for a year and attends Yasogami High School in the same homeroom class as Chie Yosuke and Yukiko. The story of Persona 4 begins when the Protagonist meets Igor and Margaret in the Velvet Room in the form of a limousine driving in a thick fog the shape of the Velvet Room changes based on its visitor. The Protagonists first Persona Izanagi of the Fool Arcana wears a long coat reminiscent of the Japanese bancho and wields the Amenonuhoko which ingame is a spear with a blade resembling a combat knife. This Persona is later transformed into IzanaginoOkami of the World arcana the games most powerful Persona. The Protagonist also has a unique wild card ability to swap Personas similar to the main characters of previous Persona games but without the power of Death at his hand he cannot use Fusion spells like the Protagonist of Persona 3.