Lockon Stratos

ロックオン・ストラトス, Lyle Dylandy

Aliases: Lockon Stratos, Neil Dylandy (season 1 real name), Lyle Dylandy (season 2 real name), Gene-1 (his Kataron code name) Age: 29 Date of birth: March 3, 2283 Nationality:[/b] Irish Allegiance: Celestial Being / Kataron Rank: Gundam Meister Mobile Weapon: GN-006 Cherudim Gundam Known relatives: Lindsay Dylandy (Mother; Deceased) Owen Dylandy (Father; Deceased) Amy Dylandy (Younger sister, Deceased)

Neil Dylandy (Twin brother, Former Gundam Meister, Deceased)

First introduced breifly in episode 9 of the first season. A member of Kataron/Cataron invited to join Celestial Being be Setsuna under the code name of Lockon Stratos. The previous Lockon Stratos was Neil Dylandy, his twin brother. Though he says he has no exerience with mobile suits, it seems he knows much more than he says he knows. In episode 3, he is told that he only needs to distract the enemy A-Laws, but he ends up shooting a couple units down. (even going as far as to snipe the head off of one) He seems to be passing information from Celestial Being along to the Kataron resistance group.