Yoshino Takatsuki

高槻 よしの

Yoshino, the other protagonist, is a tall, masculine girl who at the beginning of Hourou Musuko is a fifth grader in Shūichi's class. Otherwise known as Takatsuki-kun by her classmates, with an honorific used mainly with boys, she is a girl who wants to become a boy and usually refrains from dressing in traditionally feminine clothes such as skirts or dresses, in spite of her mother's insistence on buying her such clothes. Shortly after meeting and becoming friends with Shūichi, Yoshino cuts her hair to a very short, boyish style, giving her the appearance of a boy her age, especially when she dresses in a male school uniform. Like Shūichi, Yoshino becomes increasingly concerned and resentful about her changing body due to puberty such as when she begins menstruating or when her breasts begin to grow. She even goes so far as to buy a garment to flatten her chest so that she does not have to wear a bra. Also like Shūichi, she shows signs indicating gender identity disorder. While Yoshino would like to dress and act like a boy all the time, she usually abstains from doing anything overt which would draw attention to herself such as going to school in a male uniform once she begins junior high. However, she does on occasion dress in a male school uniform and go to neighboring cities impersonating a boy, and during one such time enjoys the fact that she is hit on by an older woman. Yoshino wants to look "cool" if she can, wearing clothes which make her look less like a girl. When teased by others, Yoshino is prone to getting emotional, and is also known to get violent on occasion. Yoshino takes up an interest in basketball after entering junior high school, and joins the female basketball team with Chizuru Sarashina. In junior high, Yoshino grows her hair out after a comment by Saori, but later cuts it back again to a short, boyish style. Her family consists of her father, mother, older brother, and older sister.