Gilliam II

Gilliam II is the AI artificial intelligence of the XPG 15A2 quotOutlaw Starquot. Gilliam is in charge of maintaining and reporting the status of the XGP as well as performing various calculations related to space travel. When in zero gravity Gilliam can use numerous miniature maintenance robots normally blue but colored pink by Jim to perform repairs to the XGP but cannot move large objects under gravity and is restricted to welding and soldering. In addition to being the AI to the most advanced ship in the galaxy Gilliam itself is also highly advanced. Gilliam possess a personality something other AIs in the Outlaw Star universe do not have. Gilliams occasional dry wit and sarcasm annoys Gene Starwind to no end. Gilliam will often express concern over distraught crew members or remind them of their various upkeep chores. Though Gilliam is polite and humble in all aspects it will not hesitate to boast about how advanced the XGP is when the topic arises or when the XGP is compared to another ship.