Tarras Doberg

Blessing of the Earth
Birthday:Dec 20
Blood Type:A
Name: Tarras Doberg Height: 511 Weight: 143 lb Hobbies: Gardening and naming his plants Likes: Praises the plants he grows Dislikes: Being ignored Taras is a Black Class WH he has power over Earth and is seen as egotistical and refers to himself with the suffix nim Korean equivalent of sama. He is skilled and while under the control of a witch even Tasha and Xing could not defeat him. His personality constantly antagonizes many people which has Tasha tease him by calling him an extra and noting how he was defeated by his little sister being controlled by a Witch and owes him half his paycheck. He was suppose to be an unnamed extra according to the author but they expanded his role. His hobbies include gardening he likes receiving praise and the plants he grows and hates being ignored. His sister is Tania the SClass Administrator of the North and the only person he fears. Techniques: Earth Scan Detects magic of anything on the ground Earthen Shield A plate of solid stone to act as a shield Earth Spear A stone spear that can come from any angle Earthen Swamp Traps enemies in a mud swamp. Chant: Imprison Earth Cannon Shoots a large lump of earth at an airborne enemy. Chant: Fly Rain of Earth A follow up of Earth Cannon rains boulders on enemy. Chant: Pour Down Blossom of Earth Creates a mountain of Earth Spears in the form of a Blooming Flower. Chant: Bloom Dancing Earth Source: Wikipedia