Aria Godspell

Red Witch
Birthday:Mar 14
Blood Type:B
Name: Aria Godspell Height: 411 Weight: 84 lb Hobbies: Collecting pretty things like clothing and jewelry Likes: Gifts from her Big Brother Tashas little sister she is known as the Red Witch. She covets her brother above all else going so far as to destroy a town and everyone in it to attract him killing his master and cursing Tasha so that he will become her supporter. Her reason for doing so is because they will then be together. She states that after killing so many people and her father she cannot go back to being normal. Varete watches over her. Her hobbies include collecting pretty things and she likes gifts from her brother. Before she became a witch she was a kind very bright girl who loved her brother a lot.5 While her personality has changed since becoming a witch her feelings towards Tasha seems to have intensified. After Tasha used The Song of Moirae to convert to S Class her curse was broken. Her supporter Aegis are two flying disks that can freely attack and defend. Each is equal to an Aclass WH. There used to be far more disks but they were destroyed by Tashas master. Source: Wikipedia