Yuuichi Taira

鯛良優一, Ichi, Yuu-chan
Yuuichi Taira is a narcissistic student who stars in Episode 2. He is the fourth victim of Golden Bat. Prior to the events of Golden Bat Yuuichi was popular at school and ran for class president. However he was extremely egotistical and always tries to get attention usually by greeting people every chance he gets. He seems to have an extremely pleasant personality but is actually sour and self righteous. This can be seen when he thinks Ushiyama Shougohttps://anilist.co/character/16423/ is a disgusting pig and confronts him behind the school. Yuuichi shows signs of being slightly unhinged often fantasizing about more attention and praise. And he goes to unreasonable extremes to get his greatest desire. Source: Paranoia Agent Wiki