Nickname: Great Witch of the East Race: Witch Age: ? Supporter: Surtr One of the great 4 witches she guides Tasha and protects him urging him to get stronger for her own goals. Her current form is smaller than before stating she has lost a lot of her power but unlike most witches she doesnt need a hat to store her mana. She also knew Tashas teacher and Ryuhwan. She asks Ryuhwan to make a contract with her in exchange for the name of the one who killed his teacher she also knows Halloweens true identity. She reveals to Vihyungrang how Tasha is needed by both her and North but views him as a tool and key that has no purpose once used and hell disappear in the end. This leads to a battle between the two. Her supporter is the Fiery Earth of Musphelheims King Surtr. Hes so powerful even Ryuhwan stated he had no chance against it in his released limiter form. He had to be supplied with Mana to fight Vihyungrang which drastically changed the flow of the battle. Source: Wikipedia