Wikipedia: Van is the primary protagonist of the series. He is travelling the world searching after a mysterious man with an artificial claw hand who killed his bride Helena on the day of their wedding. Van swore to kill this man to avenge Helena. His primary weapon is a shapememory cloth held at his side like a pistol. This can change configuration to a dueling sword or extend to grapple or embed itself into walls. Van can also spin it in place from its hilt at high speed to act as a efficient shield against projectiles. Through his travels he has been given several titles including: quotVan the Unemployedquot quotVan the Freeloaderquot quotHangover Vanquot quotVan the Crybabyquot quotSteel Vanquot quotPretty Van from the Garbage Dumpquot quotVan of the Dawnquot quotVan the Nice Guyquot quotVan that Weird Guy who Helped Outquot and quotVan the Devil039s Swallowtail Suitquot. Although laconic and calm of nature whenever information about the claw man039s whereabouts are mentioned he quickly shifts to extreme anger. His white Armor Dann of Thursday or simply Dann is held in place over the planet in a crucifixshaped satellite and is launched to his position when he twists his hat 180 degrees and swings a 039V039 with his sword in the air. It is one of the strongest armors on the planet and uses a sword as its primary weapon. Due to Van039s position as one of the quotoriginal sevenquot he needs to enter his armor once a week to regenerate. If he does not he will die. Van tries his best to remain uninvolved with those he meets along his way and if he does help them he does so out of public sight. He has an extremely low tolerance for alcohol and drinks milk instead. When dining he asks for all the available seasonings and after smothering his dish in them he eats and yells phrases such as quotSPICYquot quotIT039S DELICIOUSquot and quotIT GOT COLDquot. Although unexplained at first he also possesses an unusual scar on his chest a circle split vertically down the center with seven lines radiating from the outside. Van has a habit of forgetting the names of those he meet on his travels especially Wendy and Carmen much to their chagrin.