ウラン, Zoran, Astro Girl, Sarah
Astros cybernetic sister in the manga and anime series Astro Boy as well as its many adaptions. She is a superhuman android with a naive tomboyish personality. 1980 series Uran was built by Professor Ochanomizu in the episode Uran the Tomboy as a gift to Astro. She is the third robot addition to Astros family the first two being his parents. Uran is an extremely mischievous little girl who constantly lands her older brother in trouble. While lacking Astros weaponry and propulsion systems she is extremely powerful originally 100000 horsepower then reduced to 50000 after one adventure where her body was divided into two identical copies regularly accompanying Astro Boy on various missions or attempting to at the very least. Like Astro she is fully capable of experiencing human emotions although she is somewhat immature by being naughty or disobedient even annoying. 2003 series Uran reappeared in the 2003 series with the name Zoran with a slightly altered look including a more appropiate dress in order to appeal to more western audiences. She still retains her tomboyish personality and cheekiness however is shown to be more adventurous which instead often puts her in trouble which once allowed her to rescue a professor that was thought to be missing. She is given the ability to communicate with animals and befriends a bird which she names Houdini however is often jealous of her brothers powers such as the ability to fly as well as his popularity. She first appeared in Little Sister Big Trouble. Wiki