The Claw

Wikipedia: The Claw his real name is never revealed is a mastermind with a nasty looking prosthetic right claw hand and the primary antagonist of the series. He killed both Vans and Rays wives and is the subject of their furious lust for revenge. Later in the series it is revealed he plans to create a new world which supposedly will bring happiness to all people and eradicate all sins one has committed during life. Before episode 12 he is only shown in flashbacks as a shadowy figure with the claw hand. In episode 12 however Wendy runs into a kind old man who helps her in overcoming her sorrow for her brother. Immediately after the conservation it is revealed that this man is the claw man when he abruptly screws on his claw hand to Wendys horror. His plan apparently is to change the world by dissolving himself and then combining with everyone and everything on the planet on a subconscious level perhaps acting as a sort of conscience for people. It is never made clear what exactly would happen to civilization or to himself nor how the process would occur. Though he denies any plans of world conquest the fact of the matter is that his methods is a form of total dominance over free will and choice. The plan was also violently opposed by some of his crew members claiming he was planning on committing genocide on the planet. In one of the episodes they attempt to commit a coup against him in order to force him into revealing the details for his plans. During the negotiations the Claw Man seems to strongly prefer talk instead of violence insisting that genocide is not part of his plans. This pacifism and goodwill can be debated as he minutes later kills one of the rebels by hugging him apparently of love while slashing his back with his steel hand thereby killing him. However when he relinquishes him and discovers he is dead he breaks into shock saying quotI did it againquot and repeatedly apologizing as if unaware of his embrace being lethal for the rebel. To realize his plans he gathers a society of loyal and devoted followers including Wendys brother Michael and Vans mentor. Within this society he is only known as quotThe Comradequot. He wears simple clothes most of the time despite his high ranking. He also is shown to like gardening and the company of animals. In general he is shown to engage in creative and nurturing activities.