Tamami Sekine

関根 珠, Tamamin

Name: Tamami Sekine Birthday: February 3rd Star sign: Aquarius Blood type: B Height: 150cm (4'11") Weight: 45kg (99lbs) Hobby: cosplay What she wants the most: a plug suit! (like the ones from Evangelion) (taken from the character profiles in vol.05) Tamami is a cute and funny girl who is best friends with Sugi. She is also a major otaku who is often seen talking or buying manga. She draws doujinshi from time to time, some including people she knows personally including their homeroom teacher Naru-chan-sensei. Despite having a physically affectionate relationship with Sugi, neither she nor Sugi have romantic feelings for one another. It is heavily implied that by the end of the manga, she has begun dating Harada

Mari's ex-boyfriend.