我愛羅, Gaara of the Desert, Sabaku no Gaara, Godaime Kazekage (Fifth Kazekage)
Ninja Registration N: 56001 Birth Date: 19 January Age: 1213 I 1516 II Horoscope: Capricorn Gender: Male Blood type: AB Height: 146 cm Part I 166 cm Part II Weight: 39 kg Part I 50.9 kg Part II Affiliation: Hidden Sand Village Wind country Occupation: Kazekage Regimental Commander of the Allied Shinobi Forces Commander of the Fourth Division Team: Team Baki Temari Kankuro and Gaara Tailed Beast: OneTailed Shukaku Known relatives: Fourth Kazekage father Karura mother Temari older sister Kankuro older brother Yashamaru uncle Gaara was introduced in the series in Chuunin Exams arc as a violent shinobi from Konohas allied country the Wind country. He came to Konoha with his siblings Temari and Kankuro and with his mentor Baki to participate in Chuunin exams. From the first look he was shown as merciless and violent individual. Due to his hard childhood and lack of love Gaara grew up hating everybody around him loving only himself. In fateful incident about 6 years before the main story time he made himself a tattoo of Japanese Kanji letter Ai which stands for Love. In Gaaras case that Love was for himself as he was Demon loving only himself. Gaaras point of view dramatically changed after a clash with Naruto who taught him the true meaning of loving others. Since then Gaara always feels in debt to Naruto and tries to help him as much as he can. Like Naruto Gaara is a Jinchuuriki who holds within him the one tailed beast Ichibi no Shukaku. Gaara also relates to Naruto in that in his early years Gaara was often repelled by other children and feared by Sunas citizens due to the incredible power he possessed.