Shin Meguro

目黒伸, Megu-chin
Shin dislikes drawing attention to himself and prefers to observe situations. He is often cold and aloof towards his classmates and Yuusukes constant pestering irritates him. At first he treated Maria with disdain appearing to want nothing to do with her but circumstances proved otherwise and he seems to actually care greatly for her. He pretends to be rude to Maria thinking that his actions would somehow lead the other girls to sympathize with her. In Chapter 4 he scooped up Maria in the middle of the class and declared that he would take her to a hospital because of her sprained ankle making a scene as they leave. Then he secretly bought Maria a pair of flashy shoes apart from the ballet shoes he already bought for her even after earlier commenting that they looked stupid. Despite claiming that he does not want anything to do with her he finds himself falling in love with Maria but there is no way that hed let the devil discover his feelings. It is later revealed his loner persona comes from an incident when he was a kid where he choked during his large piano debut making the media destroy his image. In chapter 23 Meguro insists he will stand by Kawai Marias side no matter what happens. Wikipedia