Yuusuke Kanda

Yuusuke is a bubbly and cheerful person who is popular with the girls and generally wellliked. Much to Shin039s chagrin Yuusuke always has an idiotic grin pasted on his face. Initially he develops a liking for Maria as she is beautiful and has an intriguing personality. He is the first student to approach her and constantly pops up wherever she is. While he is extremely fond of her it is not yet revealed if it is more than admiration. It seems as if he knows that Meguro likes Maria because in chapter 11 he calls Meguro out and tells him that if he doesn039t step up he might quotsteal Maria awayquot. Yuusuke taught Maria the quotlovely transformquot. He calls Shin quotMeguchinquot and Maria quotMariachiquot. His face forms a comical style with thick dark outlined eyes and a wshaped smiled when someone mainly Kawai is blatantly against one of his ideas. He also confessed his love to Maria later in the series. Wikipedia