Claude von Riegan

クロード・フォン・リーガン, 庫羅德‧馮‧里剛, 库罗德·冯·里刚, 클로드 폰 리건, Клод, Khalid (カリード), Regan, Claudester, Master Tactician, King of Unification, The Schemer
Yet we have the strength to scale the walls between us... To reach out our hands in friendship so we can open our true hearts to one another Thats how we win Claude to Nemesis Gender: Male Race: Human Age: 1718 Part I 2324 Part II Birthday: July 24 Leo Fdlan Birthday: 24th of the Blue Sea Moon Imperial Year 1162 Height: 175 cm 59 Family: Riegan ancestor Blaiddyd ancestor Loog ancestor Klaus I ancestor Oswald maternal grandfather King of Almyra father Tiana mother Godfrey maternal uncle unnamed cousin Claudia distant relative Judith distant relative Lambert distant relative Rufus distant relative Dimitri distant relative Nationality: Leicester/Almyran Hometown: Derdriu Residence: Garreg Mach Monastery Almyra formerly Factions: Golden Deer Occupations: Heir of House Riegan Crown Prince of Almyra student at the Officers Academy house leader of the Golden Deer leader of the Leicester Alliance Part II Appearances: Fire Emblem: Three Houses Fire Emblem Heroes First seen: Prologue: An Inevitable Encounter Three Houses First joined: Prologue: An Inevitable Encounter Three Houses First fought: Chapter 1: Three Houses If the Golden Deer arent chosen Three Houses Starting class: Noble White Clouds Wyvern Rider Cindered Shadows Voiced by: Toshiyuki Toyonaga Japanese all appearances Joe Zieja English all appearances Claude von Riegan pronounced /kld vn ign/keyJapanese: Claude von Riegan real name Khalid Japanese: Khalid2 is one of the three main characters alongside Dimitri and Edelgard appearing in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He is the heir of the noble family that leads the Leicester Alliance and the leader of the Golden Deer house at the Officers Academy. Source: Fire Emblem Wiki