Take Hirako

平子 丈
Species: Human Age: 27 Tokyo Ghoul 31 Tokyo Ghoul:re Height: 172 cm Weight: 67 kg Tokyo Ghoul 68 kg Tokyo Ghoul:re Blood type: A Affiliations: CCG Quinque: Nagomi 1/3 Rinkaku Take Hirako is a First Class Ghoul Investigator. In the past he formed a duo with Kishou Arima. Hirako is of average height and his facial features have been described as plain or bland. He usually has a blank expression on his face. Like all members of CCG he usually wears formal attire. Like his mentor Kishou Arima Hirako has a very calm personality and has inherited the same cold and calculating approach to fighting ghouls.He is skilled to the point of being able to suppress a Sclass Ukaku type ghoul. Source: Tokyo Ghoul Wikia