Shiso Mikagi

A man from the Jmon period of Japan and the founder of the Mikage family. In the legend he hid her hagoromo in the ocean forcing her to become mortal. Toward the end it is revealed that he had begun as a gentle kind young man. Ceres falls in love with him to the point of granting him power after their family is attacked and he is ashamed at his own inability to protect them. As Shiso grows strong he went mad and his love becoming an obsession that drives him to hide the hagoromo and Ceres comes to fear for her children039s safety. When she leaves he chases her and is killed by Ceres after he kills their first child who covers him with lacerations identical to the ones that appear on Aki Mikage when Mikagi manifests himself in his descendant. He will stop at nothing to ensure Ceres is his again.