Minako Okukawa

Minako Okukawa is a former ballerina who currently teaches ballet at her studio in Hasetsu and the ballet teacher of Yuuri Katsuki. Minako is an energetic and outgoing person often striking ballet poses whenever she gets enthusiastic about something. She insists on manners discipline and body management though she also enjoys alcohol which contradicts her emphasis on manners and causes her to be quite brash and loud. She tries to keep Yuuri Katsuki motivated as a skater because the number of youth in Hasetsu is declining putting her job as a ballet teacher in peril. She is a big fan of figure skating and constantly expresses her attraction towards the male skaters while drunk especially to Victor. She is also a big fan of Christophe Giacomettis cheering for him when he performs and becoming flustered when noticed by him. Source: Yuri On Ice Wikia