Neji Hyuuga

Age: 14 I 17 II Birthday: 3 July Horoscope: Cancer Bloodtype: 0 Height: 172 cm Weight: 54.2 kg Rank: Genin I Jonin II Likes: soba noodles with herring meditation Dislikes: pumpkin Neji Hyuuga is a stoic member of Might Guys Team Guy consisting of himself Rock Lee and Tenten. Neji and Lee have somewhat of a rivalry much like that of Guy and Kakashi Hatake. Lee is determined to prove that a failure such as himself can defeat a genius such as Neji. Neji however doesnt seem to be interested in this goal of Lees and Lee doesnt seem to have made an effort to prove the point to Neji. Despite this apparent clashing of ideals between the two Neji seems to get along fairly well with Tenten with the latter often helping Neji with his training. Neji and Tenten also tend to share opinions on Lee and Guys overreactive behaviors often wondering how they can train the way they do. As a member of the Hyuga clan Neji has a Byakugan allowing him to see the chakra flow of others and block the flow upon contact with his Gentle Fist style. As a member of the clans branch house Neji can never hope to be taught how to use the clans most secret techniques by the clans elders. Despite this Neji has learned many of the clans strongest techniques independently even creating a few unique skills of his own. Because of this Neji is known as a genius ninja and graduated from the Academy as the 1 rookie. Because his father Hizashi Hyuga was a member of a branch house of the Hyuga clan Neji was born into the branch house. As a result he was branded with the Hyuga branch family seal at a young age so that the members of the main house could keep him in check. Hizashi believing Neji to be denied his potential as a branch house member openly resented the main house causing Neji to acquire the same feelings due to his fathers influence. In time Nejis hatred for the main house would increase exponentially as result of Hizashi being sacrificed to save the life of Hiashi Hyuga Hizashis twin brother. Neji believed that his father was forced to die for his twin brother. Because of this Neji came to feel that fate was something decided at birth and that no matter what one does people cannot escape their destiny. This idea would go on to shape Nejis life creating a deep hatred for the main house and all of its members. After the Chunnin Exams when Neji fights Naruto his both his great skill and potential are recognized by the clan leader his uncle Hiashi Hyuuga and is sought out by him to train with the main branch of the family to further enhance Nejis skills. This helps ease some of the tensions between the two branches of the Hyuuga clan.