Nene Romanova

Nene Romanova is an 18yearold member of the Knight Sabers acting as a technical conductor and hacker and is an employee of the AD Police functioning as the Knight Sabers mole in the ADP world. She is bubbly naive has an affinity for candy and junk food and is blissfully inept with real world logic. Due to her lack of and unwillingness to engage in regular exercise she is often teased by Priss and Linna for not being more physically durable. Nenes purple and pink Hard Suits offensive weapon is a weak laser gun unsuited for taking out enemies instead it is used to scribble the Knight Sabers signature onto their scene of actions. She relies on her suits computer and electronic warfare systems to stay away from an enemy. In episode 8 of Crisis Nene receives an upgraded pinkcolored suit which is also used in Crash. Her suits offensive capabilities are stocked up considerably with an electromagnetic pulse striker and the capability of physically hacking into a Boomers computer brain.