Akira Okuzaki

Okuzaki Akira DOB: 5/12 Blood Type: A Height: 149cm Weight: 38kg Vital Stat: B/W/H70/53/69 Child: Gennai A well known artist in Fuka Academy and roomate of Mai039s little brother Takumi Tokiha. In fact he is a Kunoichi a female ninja who is also a HiME with the order to kill any who discover her secret of her father. Takumi discovers her secret when she summons Gennai to protect him from an orphan but she decides to spare his life as Kazuki swears to keep it a secret. Her child Gennai is a giant frog and it attacks by emitting light from his back where Akira throws a kunai into the enemy039s shadow to leave them paralyzed as Gennai spits out his spiked tongue fast enough to completely pierce through an orphan.