Schneizel el Britannia

Age: 27 First Season 28 Second Season Nickname: White Prince Zodiac Sign: Taurus Blood Type: AB Schneizel el Britannia is the Second Prince of the Britannian Imperial Family and the Prime Minister of the Holy Britannian Empire. He is a strategist on par with Lelouch and the only person Lelouch was unable to beat in chess as a child. Schneizel is ruthless and cold as a strategist but is extremely charismatic and caring toward his subordinates. He seems to show disdain for force when its unnecessary such as negotiating a peace treaty with the Euro Universe despite dominating them militarily in every engagement. Schneizel has ambitions for the throne a fact which the Emperor is aware of but does not seemed concerned by. During the second battle of Tokyo he remarks that his father is not concerned with the present reality. He also seems to have been involved in the murder of Marianne vi Britannia. When questioned by Lelouch Clovis suggests that Schneizel knows the truth behind Mariannes murder and Cornelia likewise notes that it was Schneizel who carried the body out under the Emperors orders. Schneizel sponsors a number of experimental projects throughout the series. He is the patron of Lloyd Asplund developer of the Lancelot funded the construction of the Gawain and takes possession of one of the Thought Elevators in Japan to study it. In the second season Schneizel commands of the Britannian forces attempting to conquer the E.U.controlled North Africa ending with a peace treaty despite repeated victories. As he explains to Nina he did this because nothing but conquest invites defeat since it destroys hope. He also attempts to bribe the High Eunuchs of the Chinese Federation into trading much of their land in exchange for being made nobility in Britannia. After the fact is exposed and the people rebel against the Eunuchs he decides to give up on his plan noting that leaders who do not have the support of their people cannot be called leaders at all. After the fall of the Eunuchs Schneizel begins efforts to annex the Federations fragmented territories using a mixture of intimidation and incentives. He leads the defense against the Black Knights attack on Tokyo and manages to learn Zeros identity by having Suzaku followed. He also learns about the nature of Geass from Suzaku making him confident that he holds all the cards in the upcoming battle. In Suzaku of the Counterattack Source: Wikipedia