Masaomi Kanzaki

He is a professional second goalkeeper from the Yokohama Club and often practices together with Sora. Immediately after his entrance to the team he was placed as the second goalkeeper for his extraordinary skills and then became a regular after a while. He was placed back as second goalkeeper when Ooshida a new goalkeeper entered the team. Since grade school he was always the goalkeeper. Despite the pressure brought by such a role he still loved giving his everything to protect the goal. He then met Risa who was the manager in the soccer club in university married her and had a son named Mamoru. Because of Ooshidas injury Kanzaki relieved him for the game believing he finally had the chance to become a regular once more. Throughout his stay in the game he proved his skills as a goalkeeper and was continuously praised. It was only when he was determined to stop Cristian the rival teams ace despite knowing that he wouldnt come out uninjured that he was forced to withdraw from the game with a fractured jaw. Due to such a heroic act he was then invited to the second club team of Germany.