Shinichiro Makabe

He was a member of the Soccer Club in middle school but was only a substitute forward. He strived to become a starting member but was devastated when it was Sora a newcomer then who was chosen. Frustrated and unable to keep up he quit the club after middle school and started a group of people who simply wants to play soccer and who he considers are under the same situation as him. Whilst the group is weak he felt like he belonged. He meets Sora again in high school when he saw him handing out flyers. He tells his best friend Shiratori that Sora was a selfish guy. It was only when he played together with Sora once more with the help of Shiratoris words did he finally manage to settle the unfair resentment he held towards Sora and in the end joins the Soccer Club again. Even though he is tall Makabes kicks are weak and he is bad at heading due to his stature.