Shannon Circy

The youngest of the four Circry Sisters. After her mother gave birth to her she lost out to illness and her two directly older sisters were wary of that. Her lack of eyesight was but another reason the Circry House couldnt leave her be. For that sake as she grew older they shipped her off to the City of Scholars under the pretense that there would be better medical technology there. Shunned by the rest of her house she happened upon Celes at a party in Centralle and developed a yearning for how she was treated. That was the moment her eyes opened for the first time but when Celes chose her sister Miranda over her she could only be irritated. It was for that reason that she began plotting to make that sister of hers into her puppet. After having met Lyle she seems to have reformed a little on their journey. Storywise shes an individual whose popularity has undergone sudden changes partway through. She was on a high trend around the ending.