Touka Scott

Touka is the main character in the Yuusha ga Shinda manga. Hes a farmer from Cheza village the same as his childhood friend Yuna Yunis. Touka has a thigh fetish and loves putting kneesocks on vegetables he harvests to engage his fantasies. Toukas simple life changes when a demon attacks his village. Touka digs a pitfall trap and baits it with cooked bacon in order to kill the demon and protect the village. However the demon dislikes bacon so it continues to destroy the village until the Hero arrives and defeats it. The hungry Hero is lured into the pitfall trap by Toukas bacon and falls to his death. To avoid blame for the Heros death Touka convinces the villagers to bury him in secret and pretend the Hero is missing. Touka believes his plan has worked until he wakes up the next morning in the Heros body. One of the Heros companions a necromancer has transferred his consciousness into the Heros dead body and captured his original body so that hell be forced to take up the role of the Hero. Unfortunately for Touka this does not stop the decay of the Heros body and Touka ends up walking around as a skeleton.