Kyuujin Namekata

Age: 19 He was a shut in until six months prior to his introduction in the manga. He carries around a notebook full of notes on the Dollies. He seems to have a bad memory which is probably his biggest reason for taking notes. Tends to use chat lingo while talking such as lol and uses a lot of nicknames and chan honorific often even to the Dollies. He is generally a laid back person but is shown to absolutely hate losing even calling himself the king of sore losers. He can break through Dolly barriers unlike Iruma who can pass through barriers. He wields Phantasm. His specialty of the power allows him to know when an enemy is nearby whether or not he can defeat them the type and strength of the enemy and whether the enemy is bad news. His goal is to take down the Dolly leader. He trains with his teacher to master this power. His name is spelled as Savior of Man.