Another Steel Angel built by Dr. Ayanokouji Saki was activated by Dr. Amagi with Dr. Brandows help and given orders to destroy Kurumi and seize her Mark II Heart. Amagi and the General decide to use the largest of the seized Angel Hearts to give Saki as much power as possible. Saki and Kurumi fight with the latter being defeated easily due to Nakahitos stillstanding order to not fight. The victory is shortlived however as Sakis improper activation causes her to collapse. Kurumi kisses Saki and her Mark II Heart reenergizes Sakis Angel Heart. The action permanently activates Saki and the masterservant relationship is reinstated with Saki pledging her loyalty and love to Kurumi. Kurumi largely ignores this vow but the two mutually call each other quotsisterquot from then on. Later Saki was kidnapped by Karinka who brutally attacked and defeated her. It took Saki several weeks and about 5 episodes after Kurumi saved her to recover. Saki is very quiet the antithesis of Kurumi and is quite ladylike in comparison. She is the kindest and maybe the sweetest character in the show. She entertains wild fantasies about herself and Kurumi but never speaks about them or properly expresses her love. Saki wears a white maids outfit with black trim and sleeps in a yukata similar to Kurumis. She enjoys taking baths though mainly because it allows her to be naked with Kurumi. Source: Wikipedia