アレス, Ares, Black Knight
Who of you doesnt recognise this sword? I must warn you: the Mystletainn craves blood So who wants to be its first victim? Ares to Bramsel Ares Japanese: Aless is the son and heir of Eldigan the Lionheart of the Agustrian state of Nordion a fullblooded descendant of the Crusader Hezul and the inheritor of the Demon Sword Mystletainn. As an infant after he and his mother Grahnye fled to Leonster in the wake of Agustrian civil war and the death of his father he was orphaned following Leonsters fall and adopted by the mercenary Javarro. As he aged he became a mercenary himself working for Javarros group and developed a reputation as the Black Knight. Eventually on a job in Darna in Grann 777 he left Javarros service and allied with Seliph in his revolution against the Grannvale Empire. Source: Fire Emblem Wiki