ティルテュ, Tailtiu, Tiltue, Tiltyu, Taillte, Thunder Noble
Look all that fightin stuffs beyond me. Tailtiu on her fathers actions Tailtiu Japanese: Tailto was the middle child of Duke Reptor of the Friege dukedom of Grannvale. Uninterested in her fathers avaricious schemes and opposition to the Chalphy family she accompanied Duke Claud of Edda to Agustria as a bodyguard and with him joined the army of Sigurdhttps://anilist.co/character/34464/Siglud of Chalphy in fighting the Orgahil pirates in exile to Silesse and in their illfated march on Grannvale to clear Sigurds name. Tailtiu survived the Battle of Belhalla after which she fled to Silesse with her children Arthur and Teeny. Though she successfully spent years in hiding there she and Teeny were eventually discovered and captured by her brother Bloom leaving Arthur behind2 Tailtiu and Teeny were imprisoned and subjected to the care of Blooms wife Hilda whose years of constant abuse resulted in Tailtius death. Source: Fire Emblem Wikihttps://fireemblemwiki.org/wiki/Tailtiu