バヌトゥ, Fire Dragon, Tiki's Guardian
...This will be a most perilous journey. Ever since the Medeus episode man has started to view us Manaketes as dangerous. And therefore no matter the reason we must not wield our dragonstone. So we have no choice but to stand between man and Manakete. Bantu Bantu Japanese: Banutu is an Archanean manakete and a survivor of the fire dragon clans. He acted as a guardian and surrogate parent to Tiki the divine dragon princess having freed her from her endless sleep in the Ice Dragon Temple after taking pity on her plight. The two travelled the world until they were twice separated first by Gharnef abducting Tiki in the War of Shadows and again afterward when Gotoh retook custody of Tiki from him and in his quests to find her again he allied with the HeroKing Marth in his liberation army. Source: Fire Emblem Wiki