Hideyoshi Hashiba

Hideyoshi is popular with both men and women. When off duty he is often searching for someone to share a play date with be it a boisterous outing with his mates or an afternoon spent chatting with the ladies. His simple administration and casual composure wins the heartfelt loyalty of his men. Nobunaga and his friends enjoy his beaming enthusiasm for the Odas dream for peace. The maids admire his strong figure but are positively charmed by his spirited stories or his heated flirtations. Hideyoshis true magnetism for any person he meets tends to lie with his infectious merriment. His friendly smile and lighthearted jokes are never judgmental and are always filled with benign love for his fellow man. Although he may kid and spread harmless gossip its quite a feat for many to be upset by his extroverted informality. Hideyoshis random interruptions may not be gifted with the best timing but his intentions are appreciated. Since the socialite frequently plays hooky with his paperwork and is rarely tactful Mitsuhide Ranmaru or Sakichi may be exasperated by his seemingly flippant behavior. As broadminded as he may seem Hideyoshi does have a few absolutes which seldom change his decision making. One protect Nobunaga. Two when its time to work get the job done. Three never forsake the safety of others. All of these can be traced back to his childhood in the midst of poverty and war. The town burning down and the incident with the rice farmer had him endure the same suffering and desperation as those who werent as fortunate as him. Although grateful to have survived the ordeal Hideyoshi deeply regrets that he couldnt have done anything for the selfless samurai who saved him. Compassion became his means of coping and accepting the grim reality of the era. Many people believe that his sharp wit and muscular physique are qualities he naturally built to be noticed within the Oda ranks. They are unaware that Hideyoshi is devoting himself to the lands unification in order to prevent the occurrence of his greatest fear: to misjudge and be the one responsible for causing countless uncalled for deaths. If Nobunaga has the power to avoid absolute catastrophe then he is in full support of it. Hotaru is initially perplexed by Hideyoshis womanizing unsure how to act with his need for close physical contact. Once she sees that he is indiscriminate with his playful flirtations Hotaru feels he isnt genuine and avoids his flowery pickup lines for her. If she is annoyed by his advances she will coldly reject him. Hideyoshi thinks she is playing hard to get and enjoys the challenge of wooing her. The kunoichi believes their relationship is antagonistic once he learns her true identity but Hideyoshi actually becomes more fascinated in her since she is more than the harmless princess he once thought. As he gets accustomed to her true personality Hideyoshis passing fondness develops into a deeper love for her quirks and kindness. He no longer thinks of their courtship as a game leaving the other maids with the hopes of getting his deeper affections for Hotaru across. It takes time for Hotaru to realize her own feelings and his intimacy for her yet Hideyoshis affable persistence wins her heart. She may occasionally shoot down his needy caresses and is bashful stating her desires with him but the couple is confident in their commitment to one another. Source: Wikipedia