Yusuke Fujisaki

藤崎佑助, Bossun, Boss-o, Ouji, Samurai-san, Leader, Bosuko, Borsalino, Bo-san
Birthday:Nov 11, 1992
Blood Type:AB
17 manga 1994 anime Height: 171 cm Weight: 57 kg Hair: Brown School: Kaimei High School Class: 2C 3C Affiliation: Sket Dan Special Attack: Fujisaki Valencia The founder and leader of the Sketdan nicknamed Bossun . When he puts on his goggles he is able to be in full concentration and saves the day. When talking about his special traits the sketdan tends to break the fourth wall saying how he has nothing unique for a shounen main character. He is an amazing artist and has a bunch of expressions that are easy to read. He is determined to help his clients and will do it to the best of his abilities. Whenever the sketdan realizes that Bossun isnt needed he goes into a lazy depressed state.