Hibiki Tokai

Birthday: October 10 Hibiki Tokai is a thirdclass citizen of tsarak that gets thrown into the mess with Duero and Bart. He was unwilling to do anything but hide when the Nirvana was attacked by Harvesters when they appeared halfway across the galaxy. However after a talk from the subcommander BC Hibiki gets into a Vanguard in an attempt to help the female pilots fight the enemy. He is very rash but gets the job done and often ends any enemy threat quickly. By the end of the series it is revealed he is the son of the empress of Mejare and emperor of Taraak Lady Grandma and Lord Grandpa respectively who was frozen in hibernation but awakened mysteriously around 14 years before the series began. His uncle Grandpas younger brother whom he refers to as grandfather took care of him when he emerged from cryostasis. It is also his rally to the two planets that convinces all of them that they should fight for their right to live when the Harvester fleet from Earth arrives. During the course of the series Hibiki and Dita have an oddcouple relationship. In the initial episodes Hibiki would run away from Dita every time she came after him finding her very annoying. He even screamed at her getting her to leave him alone in which he indirectly apologizes to her later. Hibiki gets used to being around Dita often helping her out on board the Nirvana. He also falls in love with Ditas cooking and eventually with Dita herself. He is voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino in the original Japanese dub Tony Oliver in the English dub amp Fourth Lee in Filipino dub The crew on board the Nirvana sees the romantic feelings developing between Hibiki and Dita often wondering when the two will admit their feelings for each other. The crew wants to see a romance story unfold and to know if its at all possible for a man and woman to be that close. Source: Wikipedia