Jura Basil Elden

Birthday: August 31 Jura Basil Elden is the secondary leader of the Dread fighting force although she is somewhat inexperienced in a leadership role and not as skilled as Meia is in terms of it. The reasons behind is due to her spoiled personality and her dependency to Barnette. She has long blonde hair that she takes great care of and is extremely vain. In the first few episodes of the first season she keeps trying to unite with Hibikis Vanguard after seeing how Dita and Meia were able to accomplish this. She carries a sword rapier to be exact but seldom gets the chance to show her abiltiy with it. Its assumed that she is the lover of Barnette another Dread pilot and antique firearms collector. She is shocked at the appearance of her Vandread Juratype Red Claw when she first unites with Hibikis Vanguard. It resembles a crab with green discs that orbit the machine. This particular Vandread utilizes an enhanced shielding system which allows it to cover any object up to the size of a planet making it more of a defensive weapon than an offensive one. Source: Wikipedia