ゼッド, Onne

Zed is a 15-year old boy originally from Calm, a land where no wind blows. While in Calm, Zed has a somewhat unusual habit: breaking doors. He claims that by doing this he "feels that he can go anywhere". While on the run from the police of Calm, he encounters a space-time crevasse that leads him to the land of Templer, where he meets the sage Jiko and his disciple, Roya. He draws his Shards from a set of three crystals on his left arm. The blade he wields is red, requiring three Shards to form. His Spirit, Amil Gaoul, appears to be a wind-based entity that uses two large, white-feathered wings as weapons. These wings have proven capable of slicing through other Spirits, as well as humans. In the beginning, Zed is teleported in the middle of a battle between Jiko and a Tuskan warrior. He is very bewildered and after Jiko wins he faints from shock. Later he is arrested for assaulting Dumas and Templer officers. During his battle with Dumas, he first encounters Amil Gaoul, he is still unable to control it. Later he settles in with Dumas for training, he doesn't do much but plant. Dumas tells him,”You must build physical strength before you learn to control your Spirit.” When he enters the Joust in place of Mikki he fought well, beating his opponents. When he faces Robès, he is asked to unleash his Spirit, since Zed didn't know how he fought with his shardsword. Robes put down his shardsword and claimed not to use a single shard. He fought well at first but as Zed pinned him down he used an electric shard to knock Zed back. Then he released his Spirit and knocked Zed out of the ring. At the end of the anime he was told he was Tusker by Tusker's power.In the last episode, Zed wants to fight Amil Gaoul, so he can find out who he really is. He is about to strike Amil Gaoul, a portal opens up and he falls through it. It then shows him on a rooftop in Calm, with Amil Gaoul's blue eyes, except he has no pupils. He then says "Come on Amil Gaoul." Then he jumps off the roof. There is a flash of light and Zed appears flying with Amil Gaoul's wings.