Barnette Orangello

Barnette Orangello is one of the many Dread pilot coleaders under Meia039s command on the Nirvana and is ranked higher than Dita. It is not really clear whether Barnette is Jura039s girlfriend or best friend Jura is extremely affectionate with her but by season 2 it039s clear Jura acts that way with anyone she likes. Unlike the three other Dread pilots featured in the series Dita Meia and Jura her Dread cannot combine with Hibiki039s Vanguard due to her position when the Paeksys altered the Dreads. She displays one of the most aggressive behaviors in terms of both her fighting style and her attitude towards the men who have been integrated into the Nirvana039s crew probably more so than Meia.She has a very impressive firearms collection including a Calico pistol a Steyr AUG and a Franchi SPAS12 shotgun and is also quite the cook. Source: Wikipedia