Momo Belia Deviluke

Birthday:: August 8 Age: 14 Height: 151 cm Weight: 50 kg BWH: 805479 cm Lalas younger sister and Nanas twin they are introduced when they have most of the characters in a virtual game world created by Lala that they subsequently modify. They claim they did this to determine the nature of their sisters friends and to test Ritos affection for Lala. Momo has short hair and is generally sweeter than her twin but develops a bad attitude whenever Nana takes credit for what she does she shares a connection to plant life. She also has a strong attraction towards Rito similar to Lalas stating how his facial expressions are lovely and even letting him touch her tail. At times she would even sneak into Ritos bed at night and stating how jealous she was of Lala that Ritos hand was stuck to her tail. Momo and her twin are currently on Earth running away from their studies. Also Momo has a special ability to talk to various alien plants. Which she summons through her phone that Lala made for her and her sister. Source: Wikipedia