Paiway Underberg

Paiway Underberg is the ship nurse under Duelo though her uniform looks more like a frenchmaids outfit than a nurses. Prior to the appearance of the men she was the ships only doctor. During the first season she spent her free time trying to exploit the bad habits of the male crew members and would secretly keep tabs on the men and either jot down notes in her journal or take pictures with her camera which she refers to as Paichecks. This would soon pay off and sparked a raid that got all the men including the drifter Rabat locked up for a while. However she stops this after a combination of seeing Ditas reaction to Hibikis imprisonment and the discovery that men and women were of the same species but she resumes her activities anyway. She carries a frog hand puppet with her all the time and is often seen talking to people with it in a gruff low pitched voice. She is usuaually either seen with Duelo or spying on everyone. At the end of season 2 she gave in the impulse and flicked Duelos hair up to see his face and apparently thought him rather handsome.. She is Voiced by Sandy Fox Candice Arellano in Filipino dub. Source: Wikipedia