Teruharu Kosukegawa

He is Motoko039s classmate. He is a fan of Shotaro Ishinomori039s Kamen Raider and looks to emulate the hero. He takes an instant liking to Motoko and goes to great lengths to protect Motoko039s secret. Because of Kosukegawa039s loyalty and selfsacrifice HiFuMi feels some affection towards him. Since he knows of Motoko039s situation Kosukegawa serves as HiFuMi039s liaison. He has admitted that he cares for all four of Motoko but even to Hibiki039s suggestion that he kiss her he turns her down as he first fell in love with Motoko and wants to confess to her first. He is uncommonly durable able to withstand painful injuries like being knocked into a river by a swinging log of wood without permanent injuries. He is shown to be a natural fighter where with only a few tips and acupuncture to increase his strength and speed and a Kamen Raider suit as armor he was able to briefly hold his own against Zero earning only a broken arm where trained assassins were nearly killed. He was advised to defeat her with a punch to the throat the effectiveness of which remains unknown given HiFuMi039s superhuman durability but stopped himself as he couldn039t bring himself to harm Motoko. As of the end of volume five Kosukegawa and Motoko begin to go out but does not have the courage to hold hands or any other close activity with her yet has finally and happily been able to call her by her first name.This does not stop Kosukegawa from having perverted fantasies about her to the point of saying quotWhere do you want to do itquot instead of quotWhere do you want to goquot and gives off an perverted aura. It is shown that Kosukegawa gave Kannami his childhood friend an alloy version Kamen Raider ZIII because of the benefit the two would gain from having and losing the figure. Though he is completely for the idea of marrying Motoko more often than not his reasons behind so is because of all the perverted things they could do after. However after realizing that Motoko could only be a Host personality he became greatly depressed at the idea that if she was to fuse with Zero she would lose all memories of their time together. These thoughts seem to have dispelled after Motoko comforted him. Source: Wikipedia