Kogoro Mouri

毛利小五郎, Richard Moore, Sleeping Kogoro, Goro Mori
Mouri Kogorou was one of the many unfortunate detectives lost in the shuffle due to Shinichis unparalleled success as a crimesolver but perhaps no one has profited more from Shinichis disappearance than Mouri. With Conan tagging along Kogorous services are regularly called upon in the most difficult and high profile criminal investigations and because Conan is not taken seriously because of his being a child Kogorou gets the credit for solving the cases. Conan uses his tranquilizer to put Kogoro to sleep and thus revealing the truth behind the case with Kogoros voice. Thats how the nickname Sleeping Kogoro comes because he poses like a sleeping man whenever hes stating his deduction. Kogorou is quick to jump to conclusions a trait that seems to go against being a topnotch detective. However Kogorou is an experienced detective. He just somehow cant seem to uncover the final piece of the puzzle. Kogoro is seriously a drunkard and he isnt responsible at all which made his wife Eri left him. He also likes to play with women. Whenever people praises him for being a great detective he often laughs Kogoro style and acts all snobby. But he could get serious at some times... Source: caseclosed.com