Lucson Houjou

Loud, blustering and generally ineffective, 17-year-old Lucson is the self-proclaimed captain of the Ryvius and leader of the Zwei (titles recognised only by Lucson, as the rest of the crew have other people in those positions). In the Zwei for training for entry to the National Defense Academy, Lucson has his family honor and pride to live up to; his father and three brothers are already in the service. This pompous boy's complete lack of leadership skills is obvious to everyone, that is, except Lucson himself. After a stint as the captain of the Ryvius, Lucson was demoted to ship's janitor and Pat's caretaker. Yet despite these indignities, he still has his pride. He's essentially good-hearted, and takes a beating towards the end of the series in an attempt to protect Pat. (Source: Wikipedia)