Stein Heigar

Cool-headed and very smart, 17-year-old Heigar is studying general information technology in preparation for entry into the National Defense Academy. His father is a civil officer in the Defense Forces. As the second-ranked student in the Zwei after Juli, Heigar acts as an assistant and lieutenant to the leader and captain of the ship, whoever he or she may be (in other words, loyalty to the office and not its holder). His aloofness, combined with an ever-present poker face, has others believing he is emotionless. Cold, calculating and ambitious, Heigar somehow often has no problem persuading others to accept his decisions or grant him power.

His desire for an utopian society on the Ryvius led to an increasingly harsh regime, to the point where he was willing to turn in even fellow Zwei cadets as so-called 'threats' to the order and control of the ship.

(Source: Wikipedia)